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The main goal of Arabic Made In China is to get people to love learning Arabic and to help people overcome any fear they may have learning it. Arabic is an incredibly beautiful language and our method is simple, learn Arabic by speaking with people and teach what you learn.

Being of Chinese and Malay background but born and raised in Australia, Imran started learning Arabic at Sunday school, private tutoring and University but struggled to really learn anything. Inspired by a trip to the Middle East, he studied with a shaykh at a local Masjid for six years. The shaykh taught him to learn Arabic like a child learns languages. He emphasised losing all inhibitions, embrace making mistakes and just start speaking. Learning should be experiential and students shouldn’t be too worried about grammar, because that comes later.

After getting married and moving cities, Imran and Anisa met more and more people who really wanted to learn Arabic, but most of them had a bad experience learning it. Learning Arabic should be fun and enjoyable. Frustrated that people had a negative association with learning the language, Imran and Anisa started teaching Arabic to friends in the same relaxed lifestyle way that they were taught. This unique style caught on and soon they were teaching people across Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe. Imran and Anisa taught university students, young professionals, Islamic bank executives, unemployed people, expats and students studying religion. People studied for all reasons like understanding religious texts, for relationships, for business, for travel and some just for fun. If you want to learn basic Arabic in a new and innovative format and with other students like yourself, come and join us.
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Meet the Trainers


Dr Imran Lum

Imran is the Co-Founder of Arabic Made In China and has been teaching Arabic for over 6 years with his wife Anisa. He has developed a unique methodology of learning Arabic in a lifestyle format through speaking and conversation in a relaxed setting.

In his day job Imran is a banker and an academic. He is currently an Associate Director at a major Australian bank and his primary responsibility is building the bank’s Islamic finance capability. Imran serves on the Board of the Australia-ASEAN Council, established by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and he is an Advisory Board Member of the Islamic Museum of Australia. Imran is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society at the Australian Catholic University.

Imran has an undergraduate degree from the University of Adelaide, a Masters in Islamic Studies from the University of New England and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Melbourne.

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Anisa Buckley

Anisa is the other Co-Founder of Arabic Made In China and she has been teaching Arabic for over 6 years in Melbourne and Sydney. Anisa is the Project Coordinator of an online Islamic learning platform called Navigate Islam. In addition to this, she currently serves as a Board Member of the Australian Muslim Womens’ Centre for Human Rights. Prior to this, Anisa was a Board Member of Noor Al Huda Islamic College and served as one of the founding Directors of the Islamic Museum of Australia.

Anisa has submitted her PhD in Islamic Studies at the Asia Institute at The University of Melbourne. She holds an MA (Islamic Studies) from the University of New England, a Graduate Certificate in International Development from RMIT University and a Bachelor of Education from The University of Sydney. Anisa is married to Imran with three kids.

Love Learning Arabic With Anisa

Hediah Abiyet

Hediah is one of the Arabic Trainers at Arabic Made In China. She is our technical expert when it comes to Arabic language and Grammar. Hediah teaches all our intermediate and advanced students and those who prefer to have one on one Skype lessons in addition to the video lessons. Hediah was born and raised in Ahwaz and has had a passion for the Arabic language throughout her life.

She studied her Bachelors in Arabic and Arabic literature at Ahwaz University and a Masters in Arabic Literature at Tehran University. Currently she is completing a double degree in Law and Development at the University of Adelaide.

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