We’re one week into our trial of Arabic BOOTCAMP via What’s app and I must say I’m loving it. We really want to help you learn Arabic and this is a great way to learn online. Learning a language onilne is hard and it’s even more difficult when you’re on your own. It’s tough because you’re not sure how you sound and if you’re saying it right. This is where we’re here to help! I’m a firm believer that all you need is a little bit each week (only half an hour) and then over time your proficiency in the language will start to grow inshallah.

After you subscribe, here is a step by step process on how it works:

1. Harden up and accept the weekly Arabic ‘BOOTCAMP’ challenge!
2. Add me on What’s App and tell me your full name so I know who it is.
3. Watch the video a few times and follow the instructions at each lesson. Tell me what lesson you’re doing and send me a voice note of whatever the Arabic challenge may be. You might have to read or memorise Arabic words and phrases or write out a worksheet or tell me about a grammar point.
4. I’ll check and correct them and when you get the OK, we move to the next Arabic challenge!
5. You attain legendary status!

I pinched this idea from our friends at Ummayn.com and I’ll be using some of their great content as well. For those of you who have already subscribed, don’t forget to checkout the latest video and What’s App challenge HERE and start learning Arabic from your couch!

For more updates hit the Subscribe button below, but if you’re feeling a little dangerous… Sign up for a course HERE today!